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Renting in Singapore
Renting in Singapore
"I would recommend Esther to everyone. Give her a call. I am sure she will more then help you as well!" - Juliette, France
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Renting in Singapore
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Deposit problems

Is your landlord threatening not to return your deposit? Is he claiming unfair damages and using your deposit to upgrade his unit? Are you worried that he will just wait for your permit to expire before you've received his cheque or bank transfer? Now you no longer have to worry that you'll draw the short end of the stick.

Whilst the majority of landlords in Singapore are above-board and honest in their dealings, there's no doubt that there's a percentage of bad apples too. Some unscrupulous landlords know that when an EP expires, his tenant generally has a mere two weeks to leave the country. That means that any tenant/landlord loose ends, such as the closing down of the unit's accounts, or the hand-over of the keys, or the verification of the aircon services receipts, each or all of these may be utilized by rogue landlords to stall the return of your deposit.

In many cases there's no reason to delay the return of the funds at all, yet these corrupt landlords will deliberately stall returning the money, hoping that the tenant either runs out of patience or time and eventually simply forfeits.

If you're in this situation, or if you foresee that your landlord might try this on with you when your lease is coming to an end, give me a call. After taking all the relevant details from you, I'll weigh the pros and cons and make a fair decision on the most likely outcome. If indeed it looks like you're being cheated out of your deposit, I'll meet with the landlord and appeal to his sense of judgment in order to retrieve your money.

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