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Mersing Harbour Centre

The completion and opening of Mersing Harbour Centre ushered in a new era, not only for the town of Mersing but the entire geographical region, including Tioman Island. In fact, whilst Tioman in particular, had grown from kampung backwater to international renowned paradise island destination over the past decades, Mersing, which, let's face it, in virtually all cases, is Tioman's visitors' last port of call, had not undergone much development to speak of. Indeed, Mersing had become a bottle-neck and something needed to be done.

And that something was the conception and realization of Mersing Harbour Centre. Kudos galore to the Tourism authorities, who had the presence of mind and forward-looking gaze to change the deteriorating status quo, and ultimately came up with the perfect solution.

As a matter of fact, to say that the Mersing Harbour Centre complex has propelled the Greater Mersing region well and truly into the 21st century, is by no means hyperbole. The stately, yet elegant building caters not just to visitors of the various castaway islands offshore from Mersing, but both Johor's and Pahang's hinterland too.

In particular, Endau Rompin National Park and its jungle attractions especially, have become that much more accessible with the coming of Mersing Harbour Centre. After all, a variety of adventures and excursions to this rainforest, classified as one of the world's most ancient, can be booked at Mersing Harbour Centre.

Better still, with the advent of the online incarnation of Mersing Harbour Centre, on www.mersingharbourcentre.com, everybody everywhere is now able to avail themselves of the many-splendoured attractions around Mersing.

Of course, the one main draw of the Mersing area has been, is and will probably remain for some time: Tioman Island. For most tourists, year after year, Mersing will merely be the jumping board to their actual destination, Pulau Tioman.

For these travelers, Mersing Harbour Centre has been a veritable godsend. Ferry tickets booked online previously are now easily collected from the designated ferry ticket counter and things at Mersing Harbour Centre couldn't be better organized.

To wit, the complex offers a plethora of services, amenities and facilities, amongst which a well-designed food and beverage section, a washroom block, as well as a retail section, boasting provisions shops, apparel, along with - what else? - souvenirs and traditional Malay snacks, ideal for when passengers get the munchies on the ferry to Tioman.

There's also a children's playground, a prayer room, a tourism information desk, a hairdresser salon and even a spa. And did we mention the food and beverage section? This really is a must-try.

Getting to Mersing Harbour Centre

The complex's name has been ingrained in the tourism industry, both in Malaysia and Singapore; bus companies will find it, as will taxis and navigation devices in (rental) cars. In other words, finding Mersing Harbour Centre is a breeze. For details see below.

Useful links:

Mersing Harbour Centre
Car rental
Ferry tickets

We wish all travelers a bon voyage. And may the sun be with you :)

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