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Tioman Island

If you've been thinking of taking a trip to Pulau Tioman, because your friends have been waxing lyrically to you about the island endlessly, then you've come to the right page. The information in the paragraphs below will cover Tioman Island, not only with respect to its ideal location as a paradise island get-away, but also in terms of the many many activities that you can do on and around Tioman.

We'll also include a section on the most efficient and most affordable way to travel to Tioman, pretty much rendering this page a comprehensive one-stop information platform dedicated to Tioman.

So without further ado, let's talk Tioman.

Tioman, as modest in size as it is, has historically played an important role. Even pre-colonial times, traders from far and wide would use Tioman's characteristic silhouette as a navigational beacon on their journeys between the Malaysia Peninsula and The Middle Kingdom, China.

Tioman was also a consistent source of fruit and water for these ancient mariners, so vessels, including those owned and captured by pirates, would stop over in one of Tioman's many covers to replenish their stocks or take shelter from the strong ocean winds that tend to blow in this neck of the woods.

During WWII, Tioman's strategic location as an outpost was well known and for this reason it was conquered by the Japanese. Ultimately, however, all invaders were driven out.

Subsequently, Tioman reverted to the sleepy kampong island that it was before. Until the early 1980s anyway. During this decade, Tioman started slowly garnering interest, amongst intrepid travelers especially, as an idyllic castaway island in which to spend a weekend getaway amidst a breathtaking landscape.

Paradise Found

By the late 1980s, more and more holiday cottages had been erected, and by the mid-90s, a few more established hospitality players started taking an interest in Tioman.

Nowadays of course, each of the six main kampungs in Tioman features numerous accommodations, running the full spectrum, from simple backpacker dorms sans aircon or hot water, right the way to swanky private beach-front villas, offering fine dining, wellness treatments and even private SUP or scuba-diving courses.

Most hotels, resorts and cabanas have various activities on the recreations menu; from snorkeling outings to jungle trekking excursions, kayaking, stand up paddling, rock-climbing and, last but lot least, scuba diving. After all, no trip to Tioman would be complete without coming face to face with the stunning coral formations on offer in the crystal-clear aquamarine-hued Tioman sea.

Paradise by bus and ferry

There are two main ways to get to Mersing, the de facto gateway to Tioman, by bus/coach or by (rented) car. From KL and Singapore, travel time is about 4+ hours. Kuantan, Melacca are neared to Mersing, but Ipoh and Penang are further away.

Tioman Ferry

Do note that ferry departure times to Tioman are subject to the high water mark in the Mersing harbour. Basically, the ferry can only set off when the water level reaches a required minimum. In other words, to ensure you have a seat, it's better you book your ferry tickets in advance.

NOTE: The Tioman ferry is strictly seating only, no standing room.
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Tioman Ferry

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