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Service Apartments:
These short term accommodation types have facilities like a gymnasium, a swimming pool, car park, tennis courts, security and housekeeping service, laundry, etc. They fall in between a hotel and a private house.

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Black and whites
These are bungalows of a recognizable style: white external walls with wood supports painted in black.

CBD or Central Business District:
The inner core of the city, diameter 2-3 kilometers, home to well known commercial and banking giants, the main reason for its high real estate prices.

Co-broke deal:
When more than one agent liaise between landlord/owner and tenants, the deal is called a co-broke deal.

Diplomatic or escape clause:
This offers you protection against undue losses in the event your employment is halted or you're transferred overseas.

Empty furnished or non-furnished:
Property that comes without any furnishing, other than the bare basics, such as a kitchen block, faucets, light fittings.

The right to own a property in perpetuity, i.e. there is no limit.

Fully furnished:
Property fitted with common furnishings such as a refrigerator, a washing machine, a tv, furniture, wardrobes, beds, mattresses etc.

Lease hold or 99-year lease:
The right to own a property for 99 years. There is the variant 999-year lease as well.

Housing Development Board. The body responsible for public (government) housing in Singapore.

Landed house:
A grounded property that has none of its walls shared amongst occupants.

N-Bloc or Enbloc:
A collective sale of an estate, usually by voting majority, to make place for a new estate. In the case of developments less than 10 years old, 90% of owners majority is required, and 80%for developments 10 years old or older.

Partially furnished:
Property fitted with some but not all the common furnishing items.

You'll find that some agents and landlords refer to tenants as "pax", originally a travel industry term referring to passengers.

Strata Title:
A type of property ownership where multi-level apartment blocks are divided into separate levels or "strata".

Temporary occupation permit. In practical terms, a unit that has achieved TOP means it is ready to be lived in.

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