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The process of finding a suitable rental property on your own is not only time-consuming and costly, especially in today's market conditions, but it can be frustrating too. In particular after you've only just arrived in Singapore, it's easy to become overwhelmed by the huge selection of home choices, the many official procedures to complete or even the at times bewildering local accents.

Starting your search

Starting your search

How does it work? Where do you start searching for your new home?


With this in mind, we set up RentinginSingapore.com.sg, a one-stop shop for fresh off-the-plane expats, who not only need a realty agent to help them find that dream home, but could also do with some tips and pointers on how smoothly and comfortably ease into the expat lifestyle in Singapore.

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Since Esther is a fully accredited SAEA professional (Singapore Accredited Estate Agents - CEA registration number R020693A) and member of OrangeTee & Tie Pte Ltd, we're able to contribute not only our collective experience of the expat lifestyle in Singapore, but Esther's considerable knowhow of Singapore's property market as well.

In fact, we'll assist you in finding your choice home by offering a shortlist of relevant property suggestions based on your wants and needs, and by accompanying you on viewings, and by ultimately securing the best property for you at the best possible lease and at the best possible rent. After all, we didn't become Preferred Agent for the Essec Business School in France without reason.

In addition, if and when called upon, we'll assist you on any other matters that may puzzle you during the early stages of settling down in Singapore, a time when unbiased information from an experienced expat can be most useful.

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