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 Landed vs. Condo,which should yougo for? 

The short answer is that it's easier to live in a condo, because a condo is low maintenance. Condo-living means you can focus on just living your life without having to worry about periodic painting or renovating. Landed properties on the other hand tend to be more high maintenance, are more expensive generally, especially those in exclusive locations.

But there are other aspects where the two differ. Landed houses on the whole are further away from amenities like banks, shopping centers, hospitals/clinics, public transport etc. Condos are developed around these nodes for reasons of accessibility. So if you don't own a car, I suggest you focus your attention on finding a condo.

Having said that, one aspect where landed houses pip condos, however, is the size, space and privacy department. Landed neighborhoods are more spaciously laid out. And since there's all this space between neighbors, you won't be as aware of things like noise, cooking smells etc. Make sure you check for cable TV access, however, as not every landed house has this, due to the high cost of running the cables in.

Landed properties typically also have a garden in front or behind or both. Be aware though that this garden also has its draw-backs, since it needs to be tended to quite regularly. Due to the warm and humid Singapore climate your garden had best not be neglected, because odds are they'll be harboring bugs before you can say "whipper snipper".

In other words, mosquitoes, ants, roaches, and to a lesser extent termites, spiders and snakes, keep in mind that they all need to be kept at bay more pro-actively in and around a landed house than a condo unit, especially a higher floor condo unit, because these are more or less out of reach for pests.

You can see then that these two styles of living each have their own respective pros and cons. I hope that knowing what to look out for helps you in your decision-making. If you have any other questions regarding landed or condo living, by all means send me an email.

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