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 What are yourregular and extrahousehold costs? 

Above overview is not exhaustive obviously. It doesn't include things like groceries, transport cost, school fees etc.


What happens when you and your landlord are in disagreement on a tenancy clause? What recourse do you have? Well, first off, as I said above, it really helps if you fully understand your TA, so make sure you know each of the terms thoroughly before you sign it.

Now, if you feel you have an iron-clad case, contact your agent, seek his advice. In most, if not all cases, he or she will be able to give you an unbiased view. He/she may even be the catalyst you need to find common ground between opposing parties.

If this approach did not resolve the matter, then you can try arbitration services, such as SMC, the Singapore Mediation Center (www.mediation.com.sg).

If you're still deadlocked, as a last resort, you can consider the Small Claims Tribunal. Keep in mind, however, that this last course of action can be a time-consuming process.

N.B. Actual fees for resolving property disputes are not fixed but we can offer some estimates. The Singapore Mediation Centre, which tends to deal with larger disputed sums, charges an administrative fee of $250 and a minimum of $900 per party per day of mediation.

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