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 Let us do the legwork for you 

Do you foresee the situation whereby you won't be able to make it to Singapore as soon as you'd like, whilst your deadlines for finding your home and starting your new job here are fast approaching? This is a fairly common situation many expats-to-be encounter.

A great way of alleviating the time-crunch is to let us do the initial legwork for you. Simply pass us a list of your instructions, the criteria for your ideal home - location, size, number of bedrooms etc. We'll get the ball rolling for you.

Once the search is on, while you're rounding off your loose ends in your country, all you have to do is call or email me at the end of your day to collect your status updates:

1. Which of your shortlisted properties are still available?
2. What's that landlord's reply in response to our LOI suggestions?
3. I can even email you the pictures of that condo interior you wanted to take a closer look at.

Anything you're keen to know, just ask me and I'll have the answer ready next time to contact me. This way, even when you're not actually in Singapore, you'll still be able to monitor and control, indeed fine-tune, the ongoing house-hunting process.

By the time you do arrive in Singapore, you can hit the ground running, because you'll be able to seamlessly take over from us. Not only will this househunting-by-proxy method save you a lot of valuable time, but you may actually end up ahead of schedule, because knowing the ropes here, we tend to cover more properties in a shorter period of time.

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